Don’t trust just any statistics!

5 minute read More timely statistics and data allow us to respond swiftly to new developments. More granular data means that we can be more targeted in our policy advice and better account for disparities across gender, regions, industries, firm size or demographics. But statistics and data must be trustworthy and of good quality. In short, they must be fit for purpose.

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Climate Change

Tracking carbon prices

5 minute read To accelerate the transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, climate policy needs to become more ambitious. The shift to net zero can be stimulated through many policy instruments including regulations, e.g. banning the use of certain polluting assets or activities, tax incentives and subsidies – and carbon pricing.

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Paid parental leave: Big differences for mothers and fathers

6 minute read Data on availability and use of paid leave entitlements is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of paid parental leave policies. However, the design of paid leave policy varies markedly across countries.

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